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up. At age 71, this retired and somewhat isolated physician was thrust into the SARS epidemic. The SARS epidemic began in Guangdong province
Wholesale NFL jerseys (the province in which Guangzhou is capital). The government knew something very new and very bad was circulating and explicitly decided to suppress this concern. Dr Yanyong became aware of the disease before it had a name and knew it was much more prevalent than the government was willing to acknowledge. He sent a fateful e mail to the media, revealing the truth about the nature and prevalence of the SARS outbreak, which blew a hole through the government’s wall of silence and denial of the emerging epidemic. Suddenly the world knew something very bad was going on in China. The government reversed its rhetoric within 2 weeks and true mortality and prevalence data began to emerge; however by then the disease had spread. Once the truth was out, public health measures (in China and elsewhere) were able to shut down SARS fairly quickly. Other relevant stories in this book relate

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