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at Mt Tomaniivi (=Mt Victoria) on Viti Levu in 2001 is supported by detailed field notes (P. Hayman in litt. 2004). Nearly all
Wholesale NFL jerseys recent records on Viti Levu have been in the Mt Tomaniivi area (Watling 2000), but two birds were seen in the Nausori Highlands in 1998 (G. Allport in litt. 2000). However, a survey on Viti Levu in 2001 2002 searched for the lorikeet in the central highlands, where it has been seen most frequently since the 1970s. During 49 days in the field no birds were seen or calls heard (Swinnerton and Maljkovic 2002). The species has also not been sighted during continuing surveys in the highlands of Viti Levu (Monasavu/Nadarivatu) and Sovi Basin (V. Masibalavu in litt. 2012). There are unconfirmed records from the
NHL jerseys 1980s and 1990s from lowland areas of Ovalau, upland Taveuni and from the Natewa peninsula on Vanua Levu (Watling 2000). However, a second series of surveys in 2003 also failed to find any birds, suggesting marked declines have occurred (G. Dutson in litt. 2003). Given the failure of further

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